Yeast Infection Treatment

What is Yeast Infection and what are Its Treatments

What is Yeast Infection?

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A yeast infection happens when too many yeast cells are developing in the vagina. When there is too much yeast in the vagina you get the symptoms associated with this infection, usually caused by the fungus known as Candida Albicans. This is the most common form of Candidiasis to grow in the vagina.

Yeast Infection Treatment


In a woman’s intimate parts there are a number of different kinds of bacteria that keep unwanted organisms out, such as excess yeast. The most common good bacterium is called Lactobacillus acidophilus. This natural bacterium keeps everything in balance. When this does get out of balance and there are not enough of those bacteria, extra yeast grows in the vagina causing this disease. Pregnancy and some medical conditions can be the cause of this imbalance along with external causes as simple as soap killing off the good bacteria. It is annoying to many women as it can cause itching, soreness and pain but it is usually doesn’t have any real risk to your health. Plus, it is also easy enough to get rid of.

Common Treatments

Yeast infection treatment comes in many forms. When a woman has a yeast infection she has many options available to her. There are different kinds of creams that can be used, suppositories, and oral methods of getting rid of it. As you can see, yeast infection treatment varies a lot and each woman will deal with it the way prescribed by a physician who will in first place be the one diagnosing the condition.

Case Study of a Yeast Infection Treatment

One woman got a yeast infection and didn’t know what to do. She saw how many different options there were for her and didn’t know what would work best. She went to the doctor, but she did not feel comfortable with a suppository and didn’t like the idea of a cream so she went with the oral option. This could take more time to be effective because it is not treating the problem at the source, the vagina, however many women feel more comfortable with it. She, like many women, felt that the oral pills were less of an invasion than the other options and her infection cleared up over time. She learned everything that she could about the infection so she would be less likely to get one again in the future.

How is a Yeast Infection Treatment Useful?

A yeast infection can be a huge burden in a woman’s life. While it is only a minor infection, the symptoms are very intrusive, and being that it is in such a personal area only makes it that much worse. Yeast infection treatments are crucial to the lives of so many women. These creams, suppositories and oral medications can be vital to helping a woman restore good vaginal health. While it is not something that is likely to become a huge medical problem, it is not easy to live with it either. These yeast infection treatment options make it easy for women to treat the condition in whatever way they see fit and prefer the most. Use all medications as directed by a physician only and your yeast infection should be cleared right up in a matter of days. The duration would depend on the option you chose.

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