Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is mild bacterial infection which affects the vagina. Our body is made up of bacteria which are useful and harmful to our bodies. The bacteria in question are usually found in the vaginal area and grow to excess. The bacteria are usually in balanced as the number of bad bacteria is controlled by useful bacteria, whenever there is a chance of imbalance such that we experienced a lot of bad bacteria leads to abnormality. The vagina will produce some discharge as a result the above condition. Suffering from bacterial vaginosis, the discharge may;

Bacterial Vaginosis

a. Have a strong fishy smell especially after sex intercourse

b. Portray a whitish or grayish colour

c. Thin and watery discharge

Bacteria vaginosis is as a result of the above condition but directed to vagina. The condition is mild and may go away after a few days on its own. It’s recommended that frequently doctor visits and checkups attention will help in early detection and prevention. The vaginal infection is always common to women of ages between 15-44 years, one will be at risk if;

a. Having many sex partners or engaging sex with many partners

b. Douche

One will reduce the risk by reducing the number of sex partners and avoiding douching or smoking.

Problems experienced with bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis will have some effects on the patients like pregnant mothers will experience miscarriages, early delivery and uterine infection after pregnancy. Infection of bacterial vaginosis will lead to infection of secondary diseases like HIV.

Prevention of the Bacterial Vaginosis

The causes of the bacterial vaginal disorder are not really known but the administration of anti biotic drugs will help. The above reduction of the behaviours will help in preventing spread of bacterial vaginosis. Regular doctor visits will help woman to reduce the risk and will only be possible if doctors are given chance to detect early so as to reduce the more damage. Prevention will include the following practices;

a. Avoidance of the usage of scented soaps, perfumed bath and antiseptic liquids

b. Reduction or non use of vaginal deodorant and sprays

c. Non performance of vaginal douching

d. Reduce or avoid the use detergents when washing your underwear

These actions can arise and upset the bacteria in the vagina thus causing the bacterial vaginosis or provide the conditions that will lead to the stated problem. These actions will only reduce the vulnerability of the bacterial attacking the vagina. If prevention is not secured the patient will enter into treatment which requires the doctors to perform some tests and administer antibiotic drugs to the patient. The entire doctor’s prescription should be followed and attention adhered to. This treatment will help in preventing the chance of sexually transmitted diseases on the patient.
Bacterial vaginosis is treatable and curable and nobody should worry about this bacterial infection. When the above system present in some women should visit the doctors for test perform to ascertain the problem. One can also embark on prevention measures so as to reduce the risk before the infection is at an advanced stage, so it’s simple go for continuous checkups to be safe.


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