Hemorrhoids Treatment


Hemorrhoids treatment involve the removal of hemorrhoids which are swollen blood vessels around or in anus and rectum. hemorrhoidal veins are normally located in lowest part of rectum and anus. Mostly, they swell in a manner that vein walls become stretched greatly, thin, and irritated by the passing bowel movements. This hemorrhoids are classified in two general categories: that is internal and external.one cannot see or feel the internal hemorrhoids since they lie far enough inside rectum. They usually don’t hurt since there are few pain-sensing nerves in rectum. The main sign of the presence of this condition is bleeding. Sometimes the internal hemorrhoids enlarge and protrude outside anal sphincter. In case this happen, one may be able to feel or see them as pink, moist pads of skin which are pinker more than any surrounding area. The Prolapsed hemorrhoids may hurt when they become irritated by the rubbing from sitting and clothing. They usually recede into rectum on their own; in case they do not, they can be slowly pushed back into the place.

Hemorroids Treatment

Normally, external hemorrhoids lie within anus and are always very uncomfortable. In case an external hemorrhoid prolapses outside when one is passing a stool, it is easy to see and feel it. Sometimes blood clots form within the prolapsed external hemorrhoids, bringing about extremely painful condition that is called thrombosis. In case an external hemorrhoid turns to thrombosed, it look rather frightening, and becomes purple or blue, and can possibly bleed. Though their appearance, thrombosed hemorrhoids may not be serious and may resolve themselves in within a week. In case the pain is unbearable, thrombosis hemorrhoid may be removed through surgery operation, which stops the pain.

The Anal bleeding and pain is alarming and it is advisable to evaluate it; it could indicate a life-threatening condition, like colorectal cancer. Mostly, hemorrhoids are main cause of the anal bleeding and are rarely dangerous. A definite diagnosis from the doctor is essential.

Any person at any age may be affected by this condition. The conditions are very common, with more than 50% of people experiencing these at some time in life. Mostly, the conditions are more common in the elderly people and to pregnant women. Researchers and scholars are not certain about what causes hemorrhoids. This condition may cause inheritance of “Weak” veins that leads to hemorrhoids and some varicose veins.

Really, extreme abdominal pressure causes veins to swell making them susceptible to irritation. This pressure may be caused by the pregnancy, obesity, standing or sitting for very long periods, straining on toilet, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, and holding the breath when straining to do some physical labor.

For great prevention of the condition, diet has a pivotal role in preventing and causing – hemorrhoids. Those who consistently eat high- fibre diet are unlikely to get the condition, those who eat a diet that is high in the processed foods are likely to develop hemorrhoids. Usually, low-fibre diet or the inadequate fluid intake may cause constipation, that contribute to the hemorrhoids in ways like: promotes straining on toilet and aggravating hemorrhoids by producing hard stools which further irritate swollen veins. All the patients should avoid constipation, weight loss. They should also avoid prolonged sitting on toilet and at work. Also improved anorectic hygiene is essential.


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