Gout Symptoms

Gout Symptoms

Gout is a painful medical condition that is characterized by acute and recurrent attacks of inflammatory arthritis. This happens when small crystals form in and around the main or on all the joints in the body causing inflammation, swelling and great pain. The crystals are made up of the bodies normal waste products that go the wrong way this being your toes, fingers and knee joints. Gout is really painful and you need to be on the lookout for this not so friendly medical condition. So what are gout symptoms? Here is what you should be looking for.

Gout Symptoms

1. Intense joint pain

When all your joints are hurting including those that you think that are not in your body, all you can expect is pain and more pain. Gout is one of the most painful medical conditions known to man with the pain lasting hours on end especially during the night because of lowered temperatures. Pain attacks are mostly random and they can hit any place that they want except that they have an uncanny preference for the big toe.

2. Lingering discomfort

After the pain is done doing you no good, comes the feeling that something is not right with your joints and body. Sometimes walking or holding things can get very problematic and without the right form of treatment or medication, things can get really rough for you. This lingering discomfort is one of the classic gout symptoms and if you ever get this feeling you should consider seeking a doctor’s attention.

3. High fever

Part of the reason that gout comes about in the first place is because the body is unable to get rid of waste products the way it was engineered to do and so uric acid and urea end up in the wrong places with these wrong places being joints. This can cause a lot of sweating and a feverish feeling because without the urea passing out of as urine as it is supposed to you have to sweat it out. So yes, a lot of sweating and a feverish feeling should keep you worried that you may have gout.

4. Redness of skin overlying the joints and swelling

You can tell a person suffering from gout a mile away from because of the redness of joints and the swelling that comes with it. This is perhaps the most telltale sign of gout especially if it’s the big toe that has taken a hit.

5. Limited range of motion

With gout kicking you hard and pitiless, your mobility will be very limited. You will even probably be unable to walk because some joint or other won’t let you do that.

The above five are the principal symptoms of gout but there are many more most of which you can only get to know with the help of a physician such as the amount of uric acid in your blood. Should you suspect that you have gout, make sure to visit a clinic next to you as soon as possible because gout is a really bad one.

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