Vitiligo Treatment

Effectiveness of Monobenzone in Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a skin problem which causes a pigmentation disorder or depigmentation. Due to this, the cells that produce pigments that are melanocytes are destroyed, and because of that white patches are found on the skin in various parts of the body. These white patches become enlarged in some part of the body.

Body parts affected by vitiligo – Eyes, mouth, arms, elbows, knees and feet are some of the body parts that are affected by vitiligo.

Vitiligo Treatment

Causes- Some of the causes of vitiligo are given below.

Auto immune disorder- Due to too much activity of a person’s immune system the melanocytes are destroyed leading to vitiligo.
Sunburn causing harm to the skin.
Skin exposure to some chemicals.

Sometimes vitiligo can be due to a viral cause but it is not contagious and thus cannot be transmitted from one person to another. It is a very common disease and can occur in anyone at any age.

Symptoms associated with vitiligo- Headache, pain, dizziness, rash and loss of hair are some of the symptoms of vitiligo.

A compound which is used as a topical drug for eliminating white coloured patchy areas of a normal pigmented skin due to vitiligo is known as monobenzone

Benoquin(monobenzone) is a very effective skin ointment used in vitiligo treatment. Due to vitiligo, the natural complexion of the skin is lost and the skin is affected by white patches. Monobenzone cream helps in vitiligo treatment by lightening up the skin which surrounds the white patches. As a result of this, the skin appears to be evenly coloured. Thus benoquin(monobenzene) 20mg is used by many in vitiligo treatment.

It works in the treatment for vitiligo by increasing the elimination of pigment molecules known as melanin from the skin cells. It depigments the white patches and thus helps in improving the skin colour of the affected areas and the areas around the white patches.

Benoquin(monobenzene) is a topical ointment and is available in the form of cream better known as monobenzone cream. The active element that is present in monobenzone cream works on white skin patches and gets absorbed in the skin. This results in slight lightening of the skin around the white patches.

1. At first you should clean the affected body part properly and then allow it to become completely dry.
2. After that rub necessary amount of the cream on the affected body part and then massage slowly with your finger tips for some time.
3. Then leave it like that and allow the cream to get absorbed in the skin completely.
4. Use it 2-3 times daily.

It should not be used in people who are less than 12 years old. You should use it for a longer span of time such as for 4 weeks to get great results.

You should never use monobenzone cream on chapped or cracked skin and should avoid exposure to sunlight while using it for vitiligo treatment.

Some of the side effects of monobenzone cream are a burning sensation, reddening of the skin along with irritation and cracking or peeling of the skin. But these side effects don’t stay for a long time. One should consult a doctor if these side effects occur such as an appearance of a rash on the lips or throat, swelling of the face with breathing difficulty or dizziness.

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