How surgical mole removal is done and its benefits

Mole removal is usually done for a variety of reasons. Before we continue, it is important to understand what moles are. Moles are brown or sometimes black blemishes found on the skin. They are usually found on the face or the body and they come in various sizes and shapes. They can be raised or flat. In most cases, they are harmless. However, it is recommended to have a doctor check any mole that changes shape color or starts to irritate. Having explained that, what is mole removal and how is it done.

Mole Removal

How is a mole removed?

After a visit to a dermatologist, you will definitely know if your mole deserves to be removed or not. There are only two procedures that are used to remove moles namely surgical excision and surgical shave. Surgical excision is usually done under local anesthetic and they involve the removal of the entire mole with or without stitches. On the other hand, surgical shave involves removal of the mole by the use of cauterization where the dermatologist uses a scalpel (sharp medical knife). The cut mole will then be taken to the laboratory to be checked under a microscope. Meanwhile the wound will be closed using stitches or dressed without stitches.

Sometime back, I had lots of moles all over my neck. It looked terrible it started taking a toll on my self esteem. When decided to seek medical attention from my local dermatologist, he was surprised that I was worried about it. However, he noticed the changing color not to mention the abnormal size. However, the doctor advised me that the process was going to be bloodless, painless, and very fast. After the procedure, I had red spots at the places where moles had been surgically removed and a slight irritation. The cut moles were taken to be tested in the laboratory and the results were encouraging since it was cancer free. The doctor advised me an antibiotic ointment, which helped in facilitating the irritation the red sots lasted for a week after which they disappeared without leaving any scars. Now I don’t have any spots, moles, or anything else ever since then.

Is mole removal the solution?

Although there are a number of benefits that surgical procedures which include detecting cancerous mole apart from the cosmetic benefits. Doctors tend to investigate suspicious moles using surgical procedures. In case your doctor suspects that the mole is suspicious, he will conduct a biopsy, which will confirm it.

When a cancerous mole is detected, you will need to find the right doctor who will remove it using the right procedures. Nevertheless, the treatment of cancerous moles is done surgically, but how the moles are removed will depend on different factors such as the size of the mole location and how deep it is. However, different people have different experiences. If you had a bad experience using this procedure, does not mean the other person must have the same experience. However, a big number of these procedures have been successful there for no need to worry about the associated risks.

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